Welcome to TechFritters!

Thanks for visiting this site. I have been doing internet searches for years to find solutions to coding and design problems. And have almost always found a solution instantly, something that saved me hours and days of research. But I never posted any solutions that I found. So I decided to setup this site/blog to give it back to the developer community. I will post solutions to coding problems on this site. Hopefully this will benefit the developer community. I request and encourage you to post questions and comments. That will help this novice blogger to provide better service to the community.

Why the name TechFritters? Well, first of all I don’t have the resources to buy a premium domain name. I wanted a name that gels with my love for food (fried stuff like fritters or pakoras as you call these in India) and technology. My goal is to provide technical knowledge in small chunks that you will (hopefully) enjoy just like I enjoy fritters.