About Me

Enterprise Architect with nearly two decades of experience in designing, developing and deploying software applications and IT solutions. Started my career as a PowerBuilder and Oracle PL/SQL Developer. Switched to ColdFusion Web Application Server during the “dot com boom”. Transitioned into a .net developer when the first version of the Microsoft .Net Framework came out and have been working with the technology for the last 14 years. Spent several years in the area of integrating heterogeneous application by using SOAP and REST-based APIs written in .net and Java. Another area that intrigues me a lot is business intelligence. My BI experience is mostly on Microsoft SSIS, Informatica PowerCenter and Oracle’s BI Stack. Could not ignore the value of big data and so prototyped a Hadoop Cluster and ran a simple MapReduce Program written in Java. I have managed development teams and also spent considerable amount of time at various customer sites by being their local advisor on product evaluation, business process reengineering and other types of consulting activities. In the last three years, I have been working on diversifying my knowledge in the area of infrastructure (network, storage, servers, cloud computing). I love to learn and share knowledge.