SQL Server Management Studio Error: Saving Changes is not Permitted

Problem: “Saving Changes is not permitted” error message in SQL Server Management Studio

This error is encountered when we attempt to alter a table in SQL Server Management Studio Designer and click the save button in the toolbar. This error message that pops up is:
Saving changes is not permitted. The changes you have made require the following tables to be dropped and re-created. You have either made changes to a table that can’t be re-created or enabled the option Prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created.


You can prevent this error message from popping up by following these steps:
1. Click Tools -> Options


2. In the Designers -> Table and Database Designers form, uncheck the ‘Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation’ option.


Click OK and try to save the changes to the table. The error message would not popup again.